Dross Recycling Services

JBMI are the UK’s Dross handling specialists and have both milling and tolling facilities on site, both of which can be offered alongside purchasing alloy ingot and sow. Milling can be offered to maximise recovery from aluminium dross by converting the dross into metallics. Dross tolling can be offered to convert the material back into a usable ingot form for a processing fee.

Our Process

JBMI have a milling facility with a capacity of processing 100,000 tonnes per annum. The drosses are crushed to 0.5mm to separate the metallic aluminium content from the aluminium oxide and other deleterious materials. The product is screened and passes over a magnet to remove fines and iron contamination.

This process is used to maximise the yield and return on the material during the melting process.