JBMI History

Jesse Brough

The JBMI Group has a strong heritage in recovery, recycling and reuse of industrial waste. Since the Group began trading in 1978, it has been focused on adding value at every stage of its recycling operations. This drive has placed the Group at the forefront of its market – supporting industries to reduce the waste they send to landfill and providing an expanding portfolio of recycled products to a growing customer base.

1970s – Putting down strong roots. The company began as a partnership in 1978. Its founders, Jesse and Delia Brough established the roots of the business, refining aluminium waste on the site where the business operates today.

1980s – Building the family business. The Group develops into a true family business with the founder’s sons joining the partnership. A complementary casting business is set up and the first rotary furnace is hand built to further the value added to the metallics being reclaimed.

1990s – Driving environmental excellence. In the early 1990s, the Group constructs a new dross recycling plant and is awarded the Department of Trade and Industry SPUR Award for Environment and Technological Innovation. This plant enables the development of processes that would eventually enable 100 per cent recycling, recovery and re-use of aluminium dross.

The 1992 SPUR Award was to be the first of 16 awards and commendations achieved before the turn of the century. These awards were all in recognition of the innovation and passion that the business showed in driving forward environmental excellence.

The Group begins to diversify its operations into converting waste oxides into saleable commodities. These activities lead to the establishment of a new division of the Group – Powder Metallurgy under the trading name Plasmet UK.

With an increasing focus on recovery and recycling, the castings business was sold in 1998. In the same year the business was incorporated as a limited company. At this juncture, Jesse, Delia and their son Jesse retired from the business. Miles Brough (Managing Director) and Ashley Brough (Commercial Director) step up to take forward the family business.

In 1999 the Company became the only secondary aluminium smelter globally to be able to recycle 100 per cent of furnace waste in a financially viable way.

2000s – Providing solutions for industrial waste. The Group continues to build on its strong reputation in the aluminium waste recycling industry.

In 2006 the JBMI Group invests in new technology to recycle industrial waste from a variety of markets. This new division, Alternative Raw Materials (ARM), provides a cheaper alternative to landfill for waste producers and the resulting product is used as alternative materials by industries such as cement and aggregates.

2010s - Maximising international and UK trade in the industrial waste recycling and the aluminium market. – Focusing on new and innovative projects in the UK, JBMI has continued to supply its products on a global scale.